Today More People Are Traveling Than Before | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why is this the case? What are the benefits of traveling for the traveller?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Each year, millions of people visit other countries and spend their leisure time there. Actually, the number of travelers is growing year after year. There are many reasons behind this trend and the most important among them is the rise in the income and living standards of people.

People are traveling because they can afford it. Thanks to advances in technology, air travel has become considerably cheap; as a result, more and more people can visit foreign countries. In addition, people have become more curious. They read about foreign countries on the internet and watch programmes on television. This exposure makes them want to visit those countries so that they can experience everything first hand. They want to taste exotic dishes they have never eaten before and celebrate unique and colourful festivals they have only seen on TV. Traveling, after all, is the best way to learn and discover new things.

Traveling benefits people in many ways. To start with, it is a good way for people to learn about the world. When they travel they get exposed to various cultures. They get to learn new languages and interact with new and interesting people. This exposure makes them tolerant and enhances their world view. Take myself as an example. I have been in France for a year as an exchange student. During this period, I have learned a great deal about the French culture. For instance, I have visited lots of museums and galleries in Paris and as a result, I now appreciate beauty in a more sensitive way. In addition, I have become more appreciative of differences. I now understand that customs, traditions, languages and skin colour are all unique to a country and need to be respected. In short, my travels have made me a better and more tolerant person. Every traveler has similar stories to share.

To conclude, more and more people are traveling because of their natural curiosity and also because they can afford it. In my opinion, this is a positive development because it promotes learning and understanding.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In recent years, travelling has become more common than in the past. This essay will discuss the reasons for this rising trend and the immense positives that it brings to the individual.

A growing number of people choose to travel to other places as it is a great recreational activity. This is because in order to lead a comfortable and luxurious life, people, nowadays, tend to work beyond their regular working hours. As the hectic work schedules and long working hours drain their energy, they need to take a break to rejuvenate their minds. Also, people, nowadays, are earning more so they can afford to travel. To make it even easier for them airfares are falling. Even social media play a role in encouraging more people to travel. People are now inundated with vacation pics of their friends on social media and hence they also want to travel

One of the obvious advantages of travelling is that it helps to expand one’s horizons. When someone travels to diverse places, they tend to explore their culture, traditions and their way of living and this will be a completely fruitful experience for the tourist. This may enhance one’s knowledge and make one more familiar with cultures being followed in different parts of the world. Another merit of exploring other cities or countries is that a visitor can absorb latest exotic ideas during travelling and they can be implemented later in several aspects such as in business or personal matters. Therefore, travelling to other places, indeed, can be an enriching experience for a person.

In conclusion, people are traveling because of increase in disposable incomes, falling airfares and growing stress levels at work. This is a positive development because it helps them to learn more and rejuvenate themselves. Also, it is good for the economy.

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2 Responses

  1. Nadeeshika says:

    Today, more people are travelling than ever before.
    Why is this the case?
    What are the benefits of travelling for the traveler?
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    Currently, there’s an increasing tendency among people to travel more when compared with past times. Together with the local and global developments, travelling has become more convenient and less expensive when compared to past periods. There are wide range of travelling modes to be selected from with easy access. Not like those days, now a days travelling requires less planning due to widely available ticketing agencies, budget airlines, accommodation providers, travelling modes and many more. Also, people tend to travel more now a days due to numerous advantages associated with travelling, of which I am going to discuss in detail.

    Relaxation is one of the key benefits associated with travelling. These days people are living a mechanized life while facing the endless competition among each. For an instance parents find it difficult to find some time to spend with their children due to their busy worklife. However, travelling would make it easy to get rid of routine work and spend some leisure time while having relaxation in mind, body and soul.

    Travelling would also provide the opportunity to explore the surrounding, not only locally, but also globally. Traveler would be able to get a better experience by getting exposed to different cultures, different people, taste variety of foods and so on. These memories would be invaluable, and traveler could cherish them forever in his heart.

    Also, travelling would assist the traveler in networking. He/She would be able to get to know different people around the globe. This would expose a person to different opportunities such as getting settle down in a foreign country, getting a job in a foreign country and so on. Also, sometimes you might get to know your best friend or life partner while traveling.

    Additionally, there are some travelers, who are getting commercially benefited through travelling. They maintain a high profile in social medias and share continuous updates on their travel experiences and hence attract others attention. As a result, they get the opportunity to promote various accommodation providers, service providers as well as certain goods. For some, this has become their key source of income as well.

    Therefore, in my opinion travelling would expose the traveler to numerous benefits which varies over financial as well as non-financial terms.

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