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The first pie chart shows the percentage of energy utilized for different purposes in an Australian home, whereas the second one shows the amount of greenhouse gases emitted as a result of energy consumption. Overall, it can be seen that heating accounts for 42% of the total energy consumed by an Australian household. While water heating consumes 30% of the total energy, other appliances use up 15%. Refrigeration, lighting and cooling consume only negligible amounts of energy. According to the second chart, water heating is the biggest cause of green house gas emissions in an Australian home. While heating consumed the highest amount of energy (42%), it produced only about 15% of the total green house gas emissions. Water heating consumed about 30% of the total energy and was responsible for the emission of 32% of green house gases. Other appliances consumed about 15% of the energy but caused 28% of the emissions. Refrigeration is also an important cause of emission. While it consumed only 7% of the energy, it contributed to 14% of the total emission. Cooling and lighting caused the least amount of emissions.

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