The Roads In Major Cities Today Are Often Difficult To Travel On

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Nowadays, it is not easy to travel on city roads. The main causes of this situation are the increase in the number of private vehicles and inadequate road infrastructure. Building wider roads and promoting public transport are the most effective solutions.

More and more people own cars these days. Private vehicles make traveling more comfortable and hence people opt for them. Actually, nowadays, it is not uncommon for families to own multiple cars. When too many private cars hit the roads, the traffic cannot move smoothly. In some cities, it now takes hours to travel just five miles. Another factor contributing to this problem is the poor quality of roads. Roads in many cities were built several decades ago when there were not many vehicles. Now the number of vehicles has increased exponentially but the roads have not become wider. This also leads to traffic bottlenecks. In many places there are already lots of houses and buildings on either side and hence further widening of the roads is not possible.

In order to ease traffic woes, the government has to promote public transport. Faster trains and metro services will encourage more people to take them. The government should also increase the frequency and reliability of bus services. If people can reach their destination without much delay on a bus or train, they are less likely to drive their own cars. Another solution is to build wider roads. Wherever possible, the government should construct better and wider roads.

To sum up, traveling on city roads is not easy because the existing road infrastructure is not adequate to cater to the dramatic increase in the number of vehicles. Promoting public transport is the most effective way to counter this issue. Building better roads will also help.

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