Water Pollution Has Been An Increasing Problem Over The Last Few Decades

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Thanks to industrialization and other man-made factors, water pollution has worsened over the last few decades. Creating awareness about the importance of preserving our water bodies and penalizing individuals and industries that release harmful substances into rivers and lakes are the most effective solutions to this problem.

Industries are the number one cause of water pollution. They often release untreated factory waste into water bodies despite knowing that this act will pollute the water. Industrial effluent kills water animals and makes the water unfit for the consumption of humans or animals. Industries are not the only cause of water pollution. Individuals are also responsible. Even a simple act of washing clothes or utensils in a pond using soap can pollute the water. Plastic is another cause of water pollution. When tiny bits of plastic reach water bodies, aquatic animals often ingest them. They either choke on this piece of plastic or develop infection thereafter. Even farming activities can pollute water. When chemical fertilizers are used in huge quantities, they will eventually end up in water bodies and alter their PH balance. This is harmful for aquatic plants and animals.

Creating awareness about the harmful consequences of water pollution is the most effective solution. When people realize the importance of protecting water bodies, they will prevent miscreants from polluting it. Also, there should be strict rules which require industries to properly treat their effluents before discharging them. Those found violating these laws should be punished and their license revoked. If adequate measures are taken by both the general public and the governments water pollution can be controlled to a great extent.

In conclusion, discharge of industrial waste into water bodies and excessive use of chemical fertilizers are the main causes of water pollution. In order to prevent this, the government has to enact strict laws and punish industries that drain their waste into water bodies.

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