The Pie Charts Show The Results Of A Survey In Which Undergraduates And Postgraduates Were Asked About The Range Of Books In Their Library | Task 1 Academic IELTS Report Sample

The pie charts show the results of a survey in which undergraduates and postgraduates were asked about the range of books and non-printed materials in their school library.

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Band 6.5 IELTS report sample

The given pie-chart illustrates the final outcome of a study done involving undergraduate and postgraduate students. The pupils had to give their feedback on an array of books and non-print materials available to them at their school library.

Overall, undegraduates provided a favourable feedback on the existing study material.  Whereas the opposite is seen when it came to postgraduates, who were not satisfied with either the books or the the non-print materials.

Comparing the survey results of the books that are accessible, both groups have different opinions. A significant number of undergraduate students are either happy (37%) or are satisfied (35%) with the books that are available. Roughly 28% students think the books are not good. Whereas, the postgraduates, sees an opposite trend, wherein 50% of the students have critised the books.  While 2/3 of students have commented on the availability of books being either good or satisfied.

On the other hand, there is a contrasting difference when it came the result of non-printed materials. A majority of students (68%) felt the soft-copies of the material were very good and only 12% found faults. However, 62% of senior students were of the opinion that the non-printed material was not beneficial to them and only 16% provided positive feedback.

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