The Percentage Of Australian Men And Women Who Did Regular Physical Activity

Sample report

The bar chart shows the proportion of men and women in Australia who worked out regularly in 2010. Overall, it can be seen that more women were physically active than men except among the youngest group. Among men, the most physically active were those in the 15-24 age group. While 52.8% of them exercised regularly in 2010, only 47.7% of women in this age graph did the same. While physical activity declined among older men it increased among older women. The most physically active were women in the 44 to 54 age group. While 53.3% of them exercised, the corresponding figure for men of this age group was 43.1. The least physically active men were those in the 35 to 44 age group with only 39.5% of them engaging in regular physical activity. Interestingly, the proportion of exercising men tended to increase after age 44. Among the oldest group the proportion of men and women who exercised regularly was more or less the same. 46.7% of men and 47.1% of women in this age group exercised regularly.

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