The Chart Shows The Total Number Of Minutes Of Telephone Calls In The UK

Sample report

The bar chart illustrates the total number of time spent in billions of minutes, on three different types of phone calls in the United Kingdom over a 7-year period, starting from 1995. Overall, local calls were the most popular throughout the given period, followed by national and international calls and calls on mobiles, respectively. In 1995, minutes spent on local calls were just over 70 billion. After that, the total minutes spent on this kind of call grew more and more rapidly and reached a peak of 90 billion minutes in 1999. Since then, the total number decreased slightly to reach just under 80 billion minutes in 2002. The combined time spent on national and international calls was much higher than mobile calls. However, both of these phone calls increased steadily over a period. With 60 billion minutes, national and international phone calls remained stable in 2001 and 2002 while mobile calls rocketed from about 5 billion minutes in 1995 to almost 45 billion minutes in 2002. 

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