IELTS Report About Anthropology Graduates

Sample report

The pie chart illustrates the nature of jobs Anthropology students took after they graduated from the university and the table depicts how much they were paid after working for five years in three different sectors.

From the chart it is evident that the majority (52%) of the graduates opted to work full time, whereas a small percentage of them (12%) remained unemployed. Amongst these graduates 15% decided to work part-time jobs, another 5% undertook post-graduate study with their part-time jobs and 8% of them chose to do full time post-graduate study.

The table shows their remuneration after 5 years of working. It shows that among the three given sectors, as much as 50% of those working in the government sector were paid over $100,000 after five years. 40% of freelance consultants and 30% of those working for private companies also earned this amount.  In private companies 35 % of workers earned from $50,000-74,000, whilst the proportion of workers earning between $25,000-49,999 was relatively small in all the three groups.

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