Amount Of Goods Transported In The UK

Sample report

The line graph demonstrates the amount of goods transported via four different means in the UK during the period between 1974 and 2002. From the given data it is evident that the highest quantity of goods was transported via roads, whereas pipelines transported the least amount. The amount of goods transported via waterways and railways was the same in 1974; however, over the years, the amount of freight carried by waterways increased whereas the same by railways decreased. While in 1974, 70 million tonnes of goods were transported by roadways, by 2002, it reached nearly 100 million tonnes. The amount of goods carried by waterways remained the same at around 40 million tonnes in the first four years and then increased gradually to 65 million tonnes by 2002. However, movement of goods by railways declined from 40 million tonnes in 1974 to approximately 25 million tonnes over the next twenty years and rose back to 40 million tonnes in the last eight years. Pipeline was the least commonly used means of transport. While the amount of goods transported via pipeline increased gradually during the given period, at no point did it rise above 21 million tonnes/year.

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