The Maps Below Show The Changes In The Art Gallery Ground Floor In 2015 And Present Day

Sample report

The maps show the floor plan of an art gallery in 2015 and the changes that occurred since then. Overall, it can be seen that the art gallery right now has less space for exhibition. In 2015, there were four exhibition rooms – 3 to the right and 1 to the left of the entrance hall. The receptionist sat in the entrance hall somewhere between the gallery office and exhibition room 2. The stairs were right behind the receptionist. There used to be a cafe in the north-west corner of the gallery. The main changes that occurred since 2015 were the installation of a lift and vending machine. The cafe has been replaced by a gallery shop and the gallery office is nowhere to be seen. In place of the exhibition room 4 now stand a children’s area and temporary exhibition. The receptionist now sits closer to the entrance. The exhibition rooms to the right of the entrance hall have not undergone any changes.

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