The Diagram Shows The Process For Recycling Plastic Bottles | Band 8 IELTS Report Sample

The diagram below shows the process for recycling plastic bottles. This essay question is from from Cambridge IELTS 16  Writing Task 1.

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Task 1 Academic IELTS report sample

The picture illustrates the steps involved in recycling plastic bottles. The waste plastic bottles are processed through a series of steps resulting in the production of raw material which is used to make various useful things like bottles, pencils, containers and clothing. When first, second etc. are adjectives – that means when they are followed by a noun – always use the article the with them. Plastic wastes such as bottles are collected and sent to the recycling centre in garbage trucks. In the recycling center these bottles are segregated into recyclable and non- recyclable plastics. The next step is the production of plastic pellets. For this the separated recyclable plastic bottles are compressed into blocks. These blocks are crushed into smaller pieces by a crusher. Next, these small pieces are washed and then fed into a machine which processes them into plastic pellets. Lastly, the pellets are converted into raw materials by heating them These raw materials are converted into various commodities such as plastic bottles, shirts and carry bags.

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