It Is Important For All Towns And Cities To Have Large Public Spaces

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A lot of urban residents these days insist that their neighbourhoods should have green spaces like parks and squares where people can spend some quality time with their friends or family or engage in physical activity. I fully support this view.

There are multifarious reasons to advocate for parks and squares. The paramount one is that these places promote physical health among the people. For example, people can go walking or jogging in the park or they can do yoga or some other exercise. In cities where people live in small apartments, they have hardly any space for engaging in physical activity. These places also encourage social interactions. When people visit parks in their neighbourhood, they get an opportunity to interact with others. Parks are also a great place for families to spend some quality time together. These interactions are particularly beneficial for seniors who are usually left alone in the house during the day.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, parks help to improve air quality. As parks have a large number of trees, they consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen so we can get fresh air. These trees also make the city cooler. Air pollution is a major issue in most of the urban areas and is the number one cause of upper respiratory tract infections among people. Thus, green spaces promote overall health and add to the aesthetic appeal of urban areas.

To conclude, parks and squares not only make great meeting places but also promote general health by improving air quality. Hence, I fully agree with the argument that all towns and cities should have these green spaces where people can interact with one another and engage in some sort of physical activity.

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