People Visiting Other Countries Should Adapt To The Customs And Behaviours Expected There | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

People visiting other countries should adapt to the customs and behaviours expected there. They should not expect the host country to welcome different customs and behaviours. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

Tourism industry is booming as people love to visit different countries, but it raises a big question. Should the individuals travelling to other countries adapt their local traditions? They ought not to hope for welcoming of their own rituals and behaviours in the visiting countries. I partially agree that it could be helpful for visitor to understand local culture.

Adapting local culture can be really helpful for the visitor as well as for the local people. Understanding local customs and traditions help the tourists how to behave and stop them from harming the local sites. As in China the length of the Great wall of China was around 6500 KM when it was built, but people love to bring back the bricks of the wall as souvnairs, resulting the length of the wall reduced to 2500 KM now. Moreover, some places follow the rituals very strictly, although when outsider try to follow it, they unwillingly make mistakes, which sometimes hurt the religious sentiments of the locals. Therefore, it would be brilliant if people adapt local culture and respect the rituals of that place.

On the contrary, world is very diverse. It contains thousands of cultures and people love to visit the places where they have the freedom to express themselves. If people will be forced to follow the local customs, they will stop travelling that place, resulting in losses to tourism insdustry. For instance, Malaysia is a Muslim country and Muslims are very strict towards their religion, still millions of people visit Malaysia every year because they have made rules for visitors so that they cannot harm the local customs, parallerly enjoy the scenery and beauty of the country.

In conclusion, adapting local culture is beneficial for the native culture and places because this saves it from harming by the outsiders, however it could jeopardize the tourism if it follows rigorously as people love their preferences and freedom.

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