The Diagram Show The Lifecycle Of A Species Of Large Fish Called Salmon

Sample report

The given diagram illustrates the life cycle of salmons, a large species of fish. Overall, the salmon goes through four major stages in life. Adult salmons lay eggs on small stones and reeds in the upper river where the water is slow-moving. In about three to six months, the eggs hatch and baby salmons come out. They are only 3 to 8 centimetres long at this stage. From the upper river baby salmons or frys move to the fast moving lower river where they live for approximately 4 years. By this time, they have become smolts with a length of 12 to 15 cm and then they migrate to the open sea where they live for another 5 years. Finally, adult salmons which measure 70 to 76 centimetres in length return to the upper river where they were born and lay eggs to start the process all over again.

General strategies for Academic writing module

Use formal language.

Avoid contracted verb forms. They are not suitable for academic writing.

Limit the use of personal pronouns. Use language that is impersonal and academic.

Include only those details given in the diagram. You probably know a lot more about the life cycle of salmon. However, resist the temptation to provide any information that is not shown on the diagram.

While describing the life cycle of a bird or animal, use the simple present tense.

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