The Diagram Show The Lifecycle Of A Species Of Large Fish Called Salmon

The diagrams below show the life cycle of a species of large fish called the salmon. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

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The flowchart illustrates the different stages involved in the life cycle of a salmon. Overall, there are 3 distinct stages in the life cycle of a salmon starting with the egg stage and ending with the adult stage. As the diagram shows, the first stage in the salmon’s life cycle begins with the hatching of eggs. These salmon eggs are laid amongst the reeds and small stones in the upper river. It is notable that this part of the river is slow moving. In this stage, after a period of about 5 to 6 months, the baby fish that are born are called fry and are about 3 to 8 cm long. The fry soon swims to the lower river which is quite fast flowing. In the second stage, after living in this lower river for a period of about 4 years, the fry gradually grows into a smolt when they measure about 12 to 15 cm in length. At this stage, they are ready to migrate into the open sea. Here, in the open sea,  the smolt lives for roughly about 5 years where they  eventually grow into the final adult stage. In this point in their life cycle, they are approximately 70 to 76 cm long. Finally, the adult fish swim back to the same location where they were born, the upper river, to lay their eggs. Having completed all the steps, the cycle starts all over again.

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