Childhood Obesity Has Become A Serious Problem In Recent Years | Band 9 IELTS Essay

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There is a dramatic increase in the number of children suffering from obesity. This is mainly due to their sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of junk food. Encouraging children to get physically active by playing a sport and limiting their consumption of fatty foods is the most effective solution to this problem.

Children are becoming obese because they are eating a lot of junk food. Fast food joints have popped up even in villages. These foods have higher levels of calories, harmful preservatives and additives. Regular consumption of junk food leads to weight gain in children because they are consuming more calories than they burn. To make matters worse, children lead highly sedentary lives these days. They hardly flex a muscle. They do not walk to school or climb steps. Nor do they play a physical sport. Instead, they spend much of their time sitting in front of a gadget.

In order to control childhood obesity, parents have to limit their screen time and encourage them to play a physical sport such as soccer, tennis or badminton. Parents should also monitor what children have on their plates. These days in many families both parents work and have hardly any time to cook proper meals. Working parents should ensure that their children have access to healthy meals. They should find some time to cook or hire someone to do this for them. The government and media also need to launch campaigns to make both parents and children aware of the harmful consequences of eating too much fast food.

To conclude, children are gaining weight because they are consuming too much fast food and leading sedentary lives. By limiting their consumption of junk food and encouraging them to get more physically active, parents can curb childhood obesity to a great extent.

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