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Some people argue that the size of the pay packet is more important than the satisfaction one gains from work. I do not agree with this view. In my opinion. job satisfaction is more important than the salary because it is the primary factors that motivates us to continue working.

Job satisfaction plays a crucial role in making a person happy and motivated. People who are happy with their job need no other reason to go to work. No one has to ask them to work hard or diligently because it naturally comes to them. When people are happy with what they do, it reflects in the quality of their work. This enthusiasm for their work makes them more productive. Conversely, if a person is not satisfied with their work, even the thought of going to work will drain their energy. They call in sick more often and routinely miss their deadlines. Job dissatisfaction puts them under tremendous stress and can even affect their health and relations.

Of course, this does not mean that salary is not important. Everyone should be able to earn enough to lead a comfortable life. However, there is no point in earning too much money if we do not enjoy what we do. There is yet another disadvantage to choosing a job just because the salary is good. Over time, our dissatisfaction with our work will affect its quality and we may even get fired.

In short, job satisfaction is more crucial than the size of the salary. If we do not like our job, it is not possible to continue working. What’s more, our dissatisfaction with our work will hurt our physical as well as emotional health.

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