Surveys Show That In Many Countries People Are Living Longer

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The average life expectancy of people has increased over the years. This has both positive and negative aspects. On the bright side, it allows people to enjoy their lives for longer periods, fulfil their goals and contribute more to the society. On the down side, it increases the demand for resources and increases the health expenditure.

Being able to live a long life is indeed a blessing. Aged people are more experienced and can contribute to the society in various ways. They can be a mentor for your youngsters. They themselves benefit from the longevity because it gives them more time to fulfil their goals. If they are blessed with a happy family, being able to spend more years with them will add greater joy to their lives.

On the downside, when people live longer, the population growth will occur at a faster pace and consequently the demand for resources will increase. Close to 8 billion people live on earth today. Providing for all of them is already a difficult task. If the birth rate continues at the current rate and the death rate reduces, there will be an even bigger shortage of resources and eventually that will reduce the quality of living. Another downside is the increased burden on the health sector. Aged people will invariably have more health problems than young people and when they live longer, either they themselves or the government will have to spend more on their healthcare. In either case, this is a burden on the public exchequer.

In short, there is no denying the fact that longer life expectancy is desirable. However, it has both beneficial and detrimental impacts on the aged people and the society. It gives seniors more time to enjoy their life and achieve their goals. Unfortunately, as people will suffer from health problems as they age, their quality of living will decrease and the burden on the healthcare system will increase.

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