It Is Important For Children To Learn What Is Right And What Is Wrong From An Early Age | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

children should learn right from wrong

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In early childhood, punishment plays an important role in kids’ education as it teaches them what is right and what is wrong. I do not quite agree with the statement that punishment is always necessary in kids’ education. I think talking to children and explaining to them what is right and what is wrong have a very important role in their upbringing. This should always be considered as a first step before any punishment. Teaching and talking can make them behave well and punishments should be the last resort.

Sometimes children continue to not behave well and in that case parents have to introduce some kind of punishment, but they have to be very clever about how they punish their kids. Punishments have to be considered very carefully as children are very sensitive in this period of life. While mild punishments usually have positive effects, harsh punishments can have a severely negative impact on children.

Punishments should be very clever and should always have a positive effect on children if possible. For example, parents can punish their kids by banning them from watching TV or playing video games on tablet or computer. This can have a positive effect on them as the next time before they do something wrong, they will think about it and possible consequences. Another punishment is to limit the amount of time they get to spend outside playing with other children.

In conclusion, although punishments can have a positive effect on children’s education they have to be cleverly introduced as if they are too harsh, they can have negative effects on kids.

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