Some People Say Music Is A Good Way Of Bringing People Of Different Cultures And Ages Together

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Some people opine that music is an efficient means to bring people of various age groups, beliefs and nationalities together. I fully agree with this view. Music connects people and helps them find the common ground; thus, it brings them closer.

Music has a universal language. One does not have to understand the lyrics of a song to appreciate it. Actually, people everywhere experience the same emotions when they listen to a particular piece of composition regardless of the language they speak. This is the power of music. It speaks directly to the heart and brings people closer. Beethoven, for example, was admired all over the world. People everywhere enjoyed his music and realized the oneness of their feelings as they listened to it. Nowadays also popular singers and bands have fan following that transcends the boundaries of their country or language. If language was a barrier for music, this would not have been possible.

Music is much more than a means to express emotions. It has healing power as well. It soothes flayed nerves and lifts dampened spirits. For example, listening to peppy music is a great way for people all over the world to beat feelings of blue. As music has the power to show our feelings, playing or sending a song that expresses our feelings is a better way to convey our emotions than using words. This also explains why people show a greater affinity to listen to music when they are happy or sad.

In short, music speaks the language of love, longing, joy and sadness. Since every person can relate to these emotions, they can relate to music as well. Hence, I believe that music brings people together and helps them forget their differences.

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