Success Is Often Measured By Wealth And Material Possessions

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Wealth and material belongings are frequently considered as measurements of success. This essay will propound the reasons why wealth is not a good indicator of success. In my opinion, personal traits such as self-confidence and perseverance are some of the main factors leading to success.

I believe wealth cannot determine whether a person is successful or not as true success lies in finding happiness and inner peace. In my opinion, the most successful person is the happiest person because the ultimate objective of all human beings is to be happy. Also, it is possible for a person to come to a lot of money without doing anything to earn it. For example, they could have inherited the money or they could have won a lottery. In either case, their wealth cannot be considered as an indication of their success. They are plain lucky, not successful.

As for the factors that make a person successful, they have more to do with a person’s character traits than their bank balance. Self-confidence and self-discipline, for example, are two qualities indispensable for success. People should have faith in their ability and they must be willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Success will be elusive for someone who lacks these personality traits.

To sum up everything that has been stated, in my opinion wealth is not the only yardstick to measure success because there are better criteria. A person should be considered successful if they are happy and at peace with themselves. Positive personality traits such as self-confidence, self-discipline and perseverance are some of the factors leading to success.

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