In Many Modern Societies, Grandchildren Rarely Spend Any Quality Time With Their Grandparents

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In this age of nuclear families, children rarely get an opportunity to spend time with their grandparents. The consequences of this development will be discussed in this essay.

When children live away from their grandparents, it affects their bonding with them. Spending time with one another is essential to build bonding with family members. Children raised in nuclear families where they have only their parents to keep them company lack this opportunity. Unfortunately, this affects their emotional security. Another downside of not being able to spend time with grandparents is that children fail to acquire moral values. In most families, grandparents are the ones who teach children right and wrong through moral stories. These stories not only entertain kids but also raise them into morally upright individuals.

Spending time with grandparents and extended family is also essential for children to stay connected to their roots. If they lose this opportunity, they might grow up into adults who belong neither here nor there. Grandparents are also their guardians. In many cases, they can take better care of the little ones than their parents because of their vast life experience and higher levels of maturity. If they are not around, children may be left alone or they may have to go a day care. This is a common scenario in families where both parents work. Neither situation is beneficial for the health or well-being or young children.

In conclusion, not getting an opportunity to spend time with their grandparents can affect children’s emotional security, moral upbringing and cultural values.

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