The Diagram Shows The Relationship Between A Number Of Different Languages | Task 1 Academic IELTS Report Sample

The diagram shows the relationship between a number of different languages. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

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Task 1 Academic IELTS report sample

The diagram depicts various dialects which have been derived from the main English language and show how they are further divided. Overall, English language branches into two broad sub categories namely, American English and British English. These are further divided into several regional dialects. Interestingly, American English has fewer regional forms than British English.

American English is spoken in the USA and Canada. Moreover, American English has six subcategories which are spoken in Philippines, America Samoa, West Coast, Mid West, North-East coast and Puerto-Rico. The form of English spoken in Canada is further divided into Angelophone Canada and Francophone Canada.

Interestingly, British English has three times more branches than American English. The main subcategories, West Indies, Australasia and far east, all three have two more branches. However, other main subcategories like British Isles and Africa are divided into three sub forms of English language. Indian- Pakistan category is the only category among British English which has several sub forms of Indian English.

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