Some People Work For The Same Organisation All Their Working Life

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According to some people, it is better to work for the same establishment throughout their career, while others opine that changing jobs frequently is more beneficial. I believe that working in the same enterprise is better than switching jobs every few years as it not only helps an employee to achieve good career progress but also guarantees them financial stability.

On the one hand, people who change jobs frequently acquire a diverse set of skills. This will definitely help them in many ways. Also, people who job hop are less likely to experience work related boredom. On the flip side, however, this may seriously hinder their career prospects. They are less likely to receive a promotion or rise. Their chances of acquiring domain expertise are also slim.

By contrast, staying in the same job is more beneficial. To start with, people who work for the same organization for their entire working life have significantly higher chances of getting a promotion and raise. They could even be promoted to managerial positions. In addition, the years or decades of experience they have working in the same field definitely give them an edge over those who switch careers frequently. Another advantage of staying with the same company is that it allows employees to have better work life balance. They do not have to worry about frequent transfers. Also the comfort level that they develop with their colleagues after working with them for years make the workplace more pleasant and less stressful for them.

To sum up, changing jobs frequently certainly has some advantages. However, in my opinion, this practice can seriously hinder one’s chances of gaining promotion. By contrast, working with the same organisation ensures much better career prospects and work life balance.

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