Extreme Sports Like Skiing, Water Rafting Should Be Banned

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According to some people, dangerous sports should be banned because they pose a threat to the lives of people who participate in them. However, others feel that adventurous sport is a part of recreational activities and hence it should not be banned. I agree with this view to a great extent. In my opinion, participating in adventurous sports is an opportunity for people to conquer their fears and discover latent talents. However, people who indulge in such sports should receive proper training and supervision to reduce the risks.

Young people are keen to explore new things and conquer their fears, so they participate in risky sporting events such as skiing, water rafting and bull fighting. They are driven by the adrenaline rush they get to experience while engaging in such activities. However, they are putting their lives at risk. For example, in white water rafting, the inflatable rafts may overturn and the player can fall into the river or even drown. Likewise, in bungee jumping the equipment may malfunction leading to the untimely death of the participant.

Having said that, banning such sports is not the solution. To start with, adventure tourism is a booming industry and makes significant contributions to the economy of many nations. Banning such activities will ultimately prove to be detrimental to them. A better solution is to ensure that such sporting events are performed under expert supervision. Only licensed organizers should be allowed to conduct such activities. In addition, the participants should be made to undergo proper training. If adequate security measures are taken, it is possible to play adventure sports safely.

In conclusion, dangerous sports should not be banned but those who are passionate about such sports should be trained properly to mitigate the fatal injuries and deaths.

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