Some People Say That A Young Person Should Spend Time Building A Successful Career

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According to some people, the priority of a young person should be building a flourishing career. Others insist that it is worthier to spend quality time with friends and family than focusing on career. In my opinion, it depends a whole lot on what people aspires to achieve in life. Those who seek success in both personal and professional life should certainly strike a balance and those who seek only professional success can fully devote their life to it.

It takes tremendous time and effort to build a successful career. Especially, in this age of cut throat competition, young people who seek professional success certainly have to focus on their career. They cannot spend huge amounts of time with family members or go partying with their friends. Their priority has to be their work and most of the time this will mean that they have to skip family events or social get togethers. We live in a society where people attach too much importance to professional success and as such this approach certainly has its merits.

On the other hand, friends and family are important too. A person’s family, in particular, has a vexed interest in their life. For example, one has to find time for one’s spouse and children. Any failure to do that can cause discord within the family and destroy one’s peace of mind and even focus on career. Likewise, aged parents also need a person’s love and care and if they are denied it, they may feel neglected. In other words, if a person has time only for their career, it is very unlikely that they will have a happy home or friends who value them. This, however, does not mean that people can put their career on the back burner and give more attention to family. This strategy may even backfire because family members also want a person to achieve career success.

Of course, family problems will not bother people who pursue their career with a single minded devotion; however, such people are hard to come by and for the vast majority of people both professional and personal success are essential for their happiness.

To conclude, in my opinion, every person needs a successful career and a harmonious family life. Hence, I believe that young people must certainly focus on their career but at the same time they must also find some time for their family and friends.

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