Line Graph Shows The Consumption Of 3 Different Types Of Fast Food In Britain

Sample report

The line graph illustrates the weekly per capita consumption of the fast food items fish & chips, pizza and hamburger in Britain between 1970 and 1990. Overall, it can be seen that while the consumption of fish and chips and hamburgers increased during the given period, the consumption of pizza declined. To begin with, while pizza consumption was at 300 grams per person per week in 1970, fish & chips and hamburgers had a significantly lower consumption at around 90 grams and 30 grams per person per week respectively. The consumption of pizza steadily went down by about 100 grams /person/week over the next 10 years. On the contrary, the consumption of fish & chips soared from less than 100 grams/person/week in 1970 to about 150 grams/person/week in 1980, before spiking to 500 grams/person/week in 1990.  Fish & chips had become the most popular fast food by 1990.  In a broadly similar fashion, hamburger consumption showed an upward trend. Its consumption rose from nearly 90 grams/person/week in 1970 to 300 grams/person/week in 1990, making it the second popular fast food in the UK.

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Writing Tips

If the graph / table / chart shows data for previous years, use the simple past tense while describing it.

Use a variety of language to describe the trends. For example, use adverbs to modify verbs and adjectives to modify nouns.

Study the sentences given below.

  • The consumption of fish and chips grew exponentially from 90 gm/week in 1970 to 500 gm/week in 1990.
  • There was a remarkable / significant increase in the consumption of fish and chips during the given period.
  • A drastic increase in the consumption of fish and chips took place from 1970 to 1990.

By using a wide range of vocabulary accurately and appropriately, you can improve your score.

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