Some People Encourage Watching A Sport As A Way Of Learning About Teamwork And Strategy

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According to some people, by simply watching other people playing sports and games, we can learn important skills like the ability to work in a team. Others, however, insist that we can acquire those skills only by physically playing a sport. Personally, I believe that watching others play is unlikely to make us a good team player or strategist.

When we watch a game involving teamwork, we will definitely get an opportunity to see how the players of a team work together for a common goal. This will certainly give us some ideas about how we should work in a team. We may also learn some strategies. For example, teamwork is extremely crucial in a game like football. In fact, if players lack a good rapport with one another, it is impossible to win a game of football. Likewise, in cricket, strategy is extremely important. When we watch these games we will learn how important it is to work as a team setting aside our personal ambitions or goals.

Even so, I believe that without actually playing a game that requires a lot of cooperation it is not possible to build these skills. Playing a sport is totally different from watching a sport. When you are sweating it out there on the field, you have many demons to conquer in your mind including your ego, selfishness and personal rivalries. Only then will you be able to work towards the common objective of winning the game. Watching other people play has no real impact on your inner battles and consequently it cannot change you as a person or help you develop new skills. Teamwork, after all, is a practical skill that can only be achieved through practice.

In short, watching a sport is great fun and may also help us learn some strategies. However, if we really want to excel as a team player or strategist, we have to physically play the game.

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