Some People Believe That Homework Should Not Be Given To School Children

Some people believe that homework should not be given to school children. Others, however, say that homework is an important requirement for children to be able to develop appropriately. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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While some individuals argue that giving homework to pupils is detrimental, others think that it is a vital part of children’s development. Although learners are benefitted from this teaching technique as it improves their grades, I believe that schools should avoid assigning homework because it burdens their minds.

Undoubtedly, homework is a method to improve the academic results of an institution. Whatever the students learn in the classroom, the tutor gives some unsolved questions related to that chapter as homework. When the children revise their course at home, it increases their retention of class work. Apart from that, a self-study regime is instilled in the learners while they study on their own. Consequently, this process aids them to score higher grades in final examinations. For example, recent research unveils that school children who complete their homework diligently excel in their studies and are able to pass courses without any tuition.

On the other hand, learners are often overburdened with homework. As they spend most of the time studying at school, they are left with few hours to enjoy their life with their families and friends. If they spend this time finishing their homework, they cannot participate in extra-curricular activities and games. As a result, their minds feel undue pressure due to this hectic study cycle, which is an obstacle to the psychological development of children. For example, in developed countries such as Japan, schools refrain from giving home assignments and instead ask the students about the daily activities they do in their free time.

In conclusion, though improvement in academic results can be achieved through this practice of giving homework, I believe in order to shun the burden on young minds this practice should not be followed by schools.

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