Some People Believe That Homework Should Not Be Given To School Children

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According to some people. children should not be burdened with homework; others, however, insist that without homework, they cannot achieve academic progress. Both views will be discussed in this essay. Personally, I believe that a small amount of homework is beneficial for students.

On the one hand, some people believe that when teachers regularly give homework, it improves the academic grades of students. This is true. Homework forces children to revise the lessons learned in the class during the day. It requires them to study systematically. Consequently, when children do homework every day, they will learn their lessons regularly. As a result, they can easily prepare for their exams. Some students have the tendency to procrastinate. They do not learn their lessons regularly. In fact, they start learning only in the couple of weeks before the exam. This seriously affects their grades because it simply is not possible to learn so many lessons in so little time. If their teachers had regularly given them homework, this would have learned their lessons there and then.

On the other hand, there are also people who believe that homework is an extra burden on children. Students already spend much of their day at school. After they reach home, they need a few hours to relax themselves by going out to play or watching TV. If they are given too much homework, they will have no time for other activities. This can even affect their inclination to study. While this argument certainly holds water, in my opinion, not giving homework is not the solution. Instead, teachers should limit the amount of homework they give. Thus children will have a few hours for other activities even after doing their homework.

In short, homework benefits students in numerous ways. It inculcates in them the habit of learning their lessons regularly and thus improves their grades. However, teachers should limit the amount of homework they give. When given in moderate amounts, homework only benefits students.

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