Leisure Time Enjoyed By Men And Women IELTS Report Sample

leisure time enjoyed by men and women ielts report

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The bar chart illustrates the hours of free time men and women enjoyed during the week. Overall, it is quite apparent that men had more time for leisure pursuits than women. Likewise, jobless and retired people had considerably more free time than people with full time or part time employment. To start with, unemployed men had the highest amount of free time. On average, they were free for 82 hours/week. Retired men also enjoyed about 80 hours of free time per week. By contrast, employees working full time had much less free time. While working men had about 40 hours of free time per week, working women had only 35 hours/week for leisure.  Women working part time had slightly more free time (40 hours / week) than women working full time. Housewives had considerably more hours for leisure than women working part time or full time.

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