New Technologies Have Changed The Way Children Spend Their Free Time

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Nowadays, it is common for children to spend most of their free time on a mobile device. They are either playing a game, watching a video or browsing social media. Consequently, children have become physically inactive and socially aloof. In my opinion, the disadvantages of this development outweigh the advantages if any.

For children, the only advantage of spending time on gadgets is that they become familiar with new age technologies. They are adept at using the internet, computers and smart phones. In fact, they can use these devices and technologies better than their parents. Of course, this ability does offer some advantages in this day and age when being tech-savvy is crucial for success in every aspect of life.

On the flip side, when children spend their free time on a mobile device or gaming console, they hardly ever socialize. They have no friends in the real world. Consequently, their social skills are non-existent. Many kids these days feel awkward when they are in a social setting. This affects their confidence and relations. They barely communicate even with their parents or siblings. Once they reach home from school, they confine themselves to their rooms with their phones in hand. Also, children addicted to gadgets lead a very sedentary life. As a result, obesity, diabetes and hypertension are becoming rampant even among school going children. Their vision is also affected because of staying glued to screens all the time.

In conclusion, new age technologies have made children obese, unhealthy and socially awkward. They have no real friends; nor do they possess any social skills. Hence, in my opinion, the advantages of this development pale in comparison to the disadvantages.

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