Some People Believe That Using Taxpayer Funds To Look For Life On Other Planets Is Important

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While some people argue that it is important for governments to spend tax money to find other planets fit for habitation, others insist that there are more pressing concerns on earth. In my opinion, governments need to invest in all areas including space research.

Space exploration enables us to find other planets fit for habitation. Many countries are already investing huge amounts of money for this. In future, resource crunch on earth may force humans to locate to other places. It is, therefore, important for us to find other planets that can support life. In the event of a major calamity that makes life difficult on earth, humans will need another place where they can safely relocate. Also, other planets have huge amounts of minerals and other natural resources. Countries that spearhead space research right now will have a monopoly over these resources in future. Consequently, nations that have not launched a space program yet will fall behind.

On the other hand, there are plenty of problems on earth and many of them require immediate attention. For example, millions of people still live in poverty. It is the responsibility of governments to improve their standard of living. Likewise, many children still do not have access to education. We are also living in an age where pandemics can break out anytime and wreak havoc. All of these issues need to be addressed and it is not possible without investing tax money.

Personally, I believe that space exploration might offer a solution to many problems we face on earth today. Hence, it would be foolish for governments to ignore space research altogether. Of course, this does not mean that governments should spend all their money on space research. This would be foolish too. Instead, the governments should earmark a certain sum for space research in their annual budget.

To conclude, while it is true that there are many problems on earth that require government funding, ignoring space research altogether is not a wise idea. This is the technology of future and it might as well offer a solution to many problems we face today.

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