In Many Parts Of The World Children Are Given More Freedom Than In The Past

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These days, in many countries children enjoy much more freedom than in the past. In my opinion, there are both positive and negative aspects to this development.

To start with the positives, when children have more freedom, they have the opportunity to do what they want with their life. For example, they will be able to decide what they want to become in future. Likewise, they will be able to decide what to wear, what to eat or what to watch on TV. This freedom to choose for themselves will certainly make them more confident and independent. Earlier, young people depended entirely on their parents’ advice and some of them were not able to think or act independently even after they turned twenty or thirty. This is not the case today. Children as young as ten or twelve now know what they want in life. I certainly believe that this is a positive development.

On the flip side, children are too young to know what is right or wrong for them. Oftentimes, when they choose for themselves, they have a tendency to make the wrong choices. For instance, if children are given total freedom to decide what to eat, nine out of ten times, they will choose junk food. If parents permit this, it will have disastrous consequences for the child. Likewise, children should not be given unmonitored access to the television or internet. These days, in many families, even very young children insist on having privacy. Parents who give into that demand often regret it later when their children get into bad relationships or develop bad habits. So, obviously, there are downsides to giving children too much freedom. Personally, I believe that freedom is important for everyone and children are not different. However, the amount of freedom each person enjoys should depend on their age and level of maturity.

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