Some People Believe That Reading Stories From A Book Is Better Than Watching TV Or Playing Computer Games For Children

Reading stories is better than watching TV

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According to some people, children learn more from reading books than watching TV or playing computer games. I agree with this view. In my opinion, children benefit more from books than digital sources.

Learning by reading books is more effective than watching TV and playing games because reading involves a lot of brain activity. Like any other skills, reading requires practice. To fully understand the content, they have to give all their attention to the text. Also, reading improves the imaginative power of children as they have to visualize each scene in their mind. Another advantage is that they develop good vocabulary when they read. This is not exactly possible when they watch cartoons or play video games.  Harvard University, in a recent study, found out that people who are avid book readers have a higher intelligence quotient. Furthermore, reading novels helps children to gain more proficiency in the language. It also enhances a child’s ability to concentrate on a task for a longer time span.

On the other hand, in the long run, video games can have a detrimental effect such as vision impairment on minors. The knowledge disseminated by vivid pictures on screens is easier for children to assimilate, but too much screen time can lower their abilities. For example, playing video games and watching TV can be addictive and discourage children from doing their homework.

Conclusively, it can be reiterated that reading offers more benefits than streaming TV or playing games as it helps children to polish their language and develop their imaginative power. Also, unlike watching TV, reading does not hurt their eyes.  

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