Many Children These Days Have Their Own Mobile Phones

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It is now common for young children to possess mobile phones. For children, the main advantage of having a mobile phone is that it enables them to stay connected to their parents and access unlimited sources of knowledge and information online. At the same time, there are lots of disadvantages too.

Smart phones allow young people to be in touch with their parents all the time. In some cases, this is important for the safety of the kids. For example, parents may give mobile phones to children who go to school all alone. This allows the child to immediately alert the parents whenever they are in a difficulty. Mobile phones also allow children to access the internet. Plenty of educational resources are available online. By simply having access to a phone, children can tap into this vast pool of knowledge and information. For example, during the pandemic times when schools remained shut, children mostly depended on their mobile phones to watch online classes.

On the other hand, a mobile phone is much more than a device to make and receive calls. Today, it is a huge source of entertainment. There are lots of video games and streaming apps on mobile phones. Children who have unsupervised access to the phone may spend a lot of time on these apps. Thus they will lose focus on their studies and fall behind. There is also the danger of children befriending total strangers on social media. They may trust the fake profiles online and reveal sensitive personal information that can endanger their safety. Children may also use the phone to access content inappropriate for them. Another downside is that excessive use of mobile phones can affect children’s eyesight.

To conclude, mobile phones enable young children to connect with their parents all the time and access educational resources online. However, unsupervised access to the phone may also enable them to access harmful online content or make friends with wrong people.

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