Average Money Spent Per Customer On Various Types Of Sports Equipment

The chart shows the average money spent per customer on various types of equipment in a Canadian sports store.

average money spent per customer on various types of sports equipment ielts report

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Task 1 IELTS report sample

The line graph shows the amount of money that customers spent on average on various sports equipment in a store in Canada. Overall, it can be seen that consumers spent the most money on football equipment at the beginning and at the end of the period. While on average, they spent 60 dollars on football gear in 2000, this spending had increased to 70 dollars in 2020. However, this growth wasn’t continuous. Actually, spending on football equipment dropped from 2000 to 2010 and then it started increasing again. Spending on tennis equipment continued to drop throughout the given period. While in year 2000, it was 30 dollars per customer, by 2020, it dropped to 10 dollars/customer. Customers spent the most on rugby gear in 2010 (60 dollars/customer). Afterwards it started falling and over the next ten years, it halved. The sale of swimming gear continued to increase during the given period from just 10 dollars/customer in 2000, to 30 dollars / customer in 2020. In fact, the sale of swimming equipment followed a pattern exactly opposite to that of the sale of tennis equipment.

Average Money Spent Per Customer On Various Types Of Sports Equipment – Band 8 IELTS report sample

The line graph illustrates how much money shoppers spent on different types of sporting equipment at a sports shop in Canada. Overall, customer spending on football and swimming equipment increased by the end of the period, whereas spending on tennis and rugby decreased. Customer spending on football gear was the highest in 2000 at 60USD/person. It decreased drastically over the next ten years and reached 40USD/person in 2010. Afterwards, it increased significantly and by 2020, each customer was spending on average 70USD on football equipment. Spending on swimming equipment was the lowest in 2000 at 10USD/person but it increased steadily over the next 20 years and reached 30USD/person in 2020. Although there was an increase of 20 dollars in the sale of rugby equipment between 2000 and 2010, sales of this sport equipment decreased from around $60 in 2010 to $32 in 2020. Sales of tennis equipment decreased throughout the given period from 30 USD/person in 2000 to 10 USD/person in 2020.

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