Many Think That Religion Should Be Taught In Schools

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According to some people, religion should be a subject in the school syllabus. Others, however, disagree with that view. Personally, I believe that religion is a personal matter and does not have to be included in the school curriculum.

On the one hand, for many people, religion is an integral part of their existence. Oftentimes, it dictates their identity. For example, it is usual for many people to identify themselves as Hindus, Christians or Muslims. Hence, some people argue that religion should be taught at school because it is an effective way to introduce children to religion from a very young age. This is particularly important in the current scenario. All over the world, atheism is growing especially among young people and this is a major cause of concern for their parents. By teaching religion at school, many parents believe that children will not become atheists. Of course, there is some point in this argument.

On the other hand, religion is very much a personal matter. Also, interest in it varies from student to student. While some students and their parents may find it useful, others might deem it a waste of time. Also, there are too many religions and schools cannot choose just one of them. If students have to learn about all religions, they will not have much time to learn science or mathematics. Hence, instead of teaching religion at school, I believe that interested parents should teach it at home or send their children to specific schools where they can learn about the religion of their choice.

To conclude, religion is a personal matter and it does not have to be taught at school. Interested students can always learn it from other institutions. Parents can also impart religious lessons to their children to ensure that they remain loyal to their faith.

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