Some People Believe That Children Should Be Banned From Using Their Phones During The School Day

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While some people argue that children should not use their phones during the school day, others feel that it is all right for them to use phones. I believe that it depends on the amount of time children spend on their phones at school.

On the one hand, the no phones rule helps children spend more time on face-to-face communication with their friends and teachers. As phones are now connected to the Internet they allow them to access many social media platforms and game apps. Consequently, children lose focus on their studies. This will affect their grades.

On the other hand, when children have permission to use their phones at school, they can take part in interactive activities online through educational apps which their teachers offer. In other words, diverse ways of teaching besides traditional ones can stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity. Moreover, if children use technology at a young age, they will not fall behind in this technology driven world.   

Finally, in my opinion, allowing children to use phones at school is better in today’s technologically advanced world as long as they do not spend much time on it. Spending too much time on phones distracts them and has negative effects on / consequences for their health. Schools should strictly restrict the amount of time children use these devices and make sure that they are used only when needed for their studies.  

In conclusion, if children use phones during the school day, there are both positive and negative outcomes. Teachers must make sure that they monitor their students’ phone use by enforcing strict rules.

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