The Charts Show World Pineapple Exports By The Top Three Pineapple Producing Countries

Sample report

The bar chart gives information regarding the quantity of pineapples exported by three countries in 2009 and 2019. While in year 2009, country B was the biggest exporter of pineapples, in 2019, country A beat them by a large margin. While in year 2009, country A exported 1 million metric tonnes of pineapples, country B exported nearly 5 million metric tonnes. In 2019, exports by country A skyrocketed to reach 10 million metric tonnes. Meanwhile, pineapple exports by country B fell under 2 million metric tonnes. In both years, exports by country C were negligible.

The pie chart shows the various components that made up the cost of each pineapple in 2019. While distribution and retail accounted for 35% of the total cost of pineapple, the production cost was only 5%. The seller made a profit of 18% every time a pineapple was sold and taxes accounted for 16% of the total cost. The other costs that made up the total cost were export costs (4%), international transport costs (12%) and import licenses (10%).

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