Some People Believe That Everyone Has A Right To Have Access To University Education

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As university education is unaffordable to disadvantaged students, the provision of free education has emerged as a topic of interest. It is argued that every student should be able to pursue college education for free, irrespective of their financial status. While this idea is valid to a certain extent, I believe that free-college policy would have an adverse bearing on both students and the economy.

When university education is free, everyone who successfully completes high school will be able to pursue higher education. Unfortunately, this is not always a positive development. Graduates and post graduates will hesitate to do manual jobs. Instead, they will want white collar jobs which unfortunately are in short supply. This will create an unfavourable situation. No one will want to work in factories or farms. Incidentally, there are the sectors that have the most jobs and when young people refuse to accept those jobs, it will have a negative impact on the economy and their morale. At the same time, the demand for white collar jobs will shoot up. In the current scenario, someone who possesses a university degree has a decent chance of finding a good job. If everyone becomes a university graduate this situation will change and consequently the unemployment rate will increase.

At the same time, in order to provide free university education to all students, the government will have to allocate a major chunk of its budget. Consequently, it will have less money to spend on other areas like health, social welfare, infrastructure or national security. In addition, the shortage of funds will dilute the quality of education. Universities will not be able to hire enough teachers or properly equip their laboratories or libraries. As a result, the overall quality of education will suffer.

To sum up, while free university education for all might seem desirable, this idea has negative consequences for both students and the society. Hence, I believe that only meritorious students coming from poor backgrounds should receive free tertiary education. The rest should have to pay a fee.

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