Some People Think Women Should Be Given Equal Chances To Work And Excel In Their Careers

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While some people argue that women should have the same opportunities as men to build a career, others still believe that their role is confined to the four walls of their home. In their opinion, women should only perform household tasks and raise children. I fully disagree with this view. Women have already proven that they are not behind men in intellectual abilities or business acumen and hence there is no reason for them to limit themselves to being a mother and housewife.

In the stone age when humans lived as hunter gatherers, women probably did not have much to do outside their cave. As men possessed more strength and speed, they were the ones who hunted animals. Women cooked and took care of their children. Times have changed. Physical prowess is no longer required to excel in most careers. The modern world is governed by ideas and women are not behind men in terms of intelligence or creativity. So, obviously, they have no reason not to pursue a career. Also, nowadays, the cost of living has increased substantially and it is not easy for families to maintain a good standard living if only the husband works. When both spouses work, they will have enough money to take care of their expenses and save some for the future. Needless to say, children coming from families where both parents work receive better education and healthcare. Another advantage is that boys whose mothers work tend to have greater respect for women. Likewise, girls whose mothers work are more aware of their rights and abilities.

There is yet another reason for women to work and become financially independent. Women’s empowerment benefits the whole society. When women gain education they become more aware of their rights. They are healthier and capable of raising healthy and intelligent children. If we look around we can see that women in the developed world are educated and career driven. It is not because they hail from developed countries. In fact, it is the other way around. Their countries are developed because their women are educated and independent. In the same way, countries where women languish their entire life in the kitchen and remain dependent on men tend to be socially and economically backward. In other words, educating women and making them capable of working is the best thing governments can do to achieve all round progress.

To sum up, women should work and become financially independent. It benefits not only themselves but also the entire society. Hence, I fully disagree with the argument that women should remain housewives.

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