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Since the ancient times, people have been following certain rules and regulations so that communities remain protected from any perilous situation. The societies cannot work properly, if individuals are allowed to do whatever they want to do. Hence, I completely concur with the given statement.

To embark upon, rules and regulations are extremely essential for maintaining discipline in the society. Take, for instance, the case of traffic rules. They are essential for the safety of both travellers and pedestrians. If people are allowed to drive however they like, neither they nor others will be safe. Hence, the government has enacted several traffic laws the violation of which will attract penalty ranging from monetary fine to imprisonment. In the same way, there are laws to ensure the safety of the vulnerable sections. For example, there are laws that protect the poor and disadvantaged from exploitation. Likewise, there are laws to protect children and women from domestic abuse and other forms of ill treatment.

In the absence of these laws, people will do whatever they want. Eventually, it will create a society where might is right. Unfortunately, in that situation, civilization cannot flourish and barbarianism will take charge. Humans are animals at heart. Unfortunately, unlike animals who are only concerned about food and shelter, humans are greedy. They want to grab more power and wealth and in the absence of laws, there will be no end to their depravity and before long our social fabric will crumble.

In conclusion, laws and regulations are necessary for the human society to flourish. Humans are hungry for power and resources and if there are no laws to control their activities, they will prove a threat to the very existence of the society.

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