In Education And Employment Some People Work Harder Than Others

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Some people work or study harder than their peers or competitors. People who work hard are the ones who strive for excellence in all that they do. They want to achieve more and hence they put extra effort into whatever they are doing. In my opinion, while working hard is generally a good idea, one should always know one’s limits and priorities.

At school some students study harder than others. They want to be the toppers in their class, school, district or even state. It gives them immense pleasure to achieve higher grades than their peers. Consequently, they spend more hours studying their lessons. Likewise, some people put in more effort at work. They try their best to achieve their targets. They do not mind working long hours. They want to be the top performers of the month or year.

Working hard is usually a good thing. It allows students to achieve higher grades. For example, students who study for 12 or 14 hours a day are more likely to crack competitive exams than those who study for fewer hours. Likewise, hardworking employees are more likely to get a raise or promotion. Also, they are less likely to be laid off in the event of a downsizing. Still, working hard should never be an obsession. People should always know their limits and priorities. They should know what matters the most in their life. If students spend all their time studying, their health and relationships may suffer. In the same way, people who put work before family are more likely to face problems in their personal life. Hence, I believe that it is essential to strike a balance.

To conclude, people who work harder than others are the ones who seek excellence. They want to be the number one in their chosen field. However, one should ensure that one’s hard work does not affect one’s family life or health.  

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