Fewer Students Are Studying Science At School And University

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Nowadays, it is a common practice among young people to pursue computer related subjects rather than pure science at university. In my opinion, this is mainly because the computer sector generates more jobs than any other sector. I think this is largely a positive development.

Fewer and fewer students opt for science subjects at university primarily because there is no guarantee that they will get a job after finishing their studies. While science is still a valuable subject and plays a crucial role in the development of society, science graduates are struggling to find employment. They have mainly two options – they can either teach or pursue research. In either case, job opportunities are limited. Hence, even those students who are genuinely interested in science tend to choose computer at university.

By contrast, the computer sector is generating lots of jobs. The advent of the internet further increased the job opportunities available to computer students. Now AI is expected to be the driver of future and plenty of jobs will be available in that sector too. The vast majority of students go to university with the sole objective of finding employment. Hence, they will always choose subjects that are guaranteed to get them jobs. Consequently, I believe that this preference for computer courses is largely a positive development when we look at this situation from the perspective of young students.

To sum up, computer based subjects are popular among students because of the greater availability of jobs in that sector. Of course, when fewer students study biology, physics or chemistry, it can affect the invention of path breaking technologies and medical treatments. Still, in my opinion, it is beneficial for students to study computer at university.

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