Some Governments Spend A Lot Of Money Training Individuals To Be Successful In International Sporting Events

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According to some people, instead of spending money on sponsoring professional athletes, the government should invest in other areas that are directly beneficial to the common man and woman. I do not quite agree with this view. While I do admit that the government should invest in social welfare schemes, in my opinion, it is equally important for the government to provide adequate training to budding sports people so that they can bring laurels to the country.

Sports persons represent the country at international events like Olympics and World Cup. Even participating in these events is considered a matter of immense pride for both the athletes and the country they represent. Now if they win medals or major international events, the reputation of the country skyrockets. For example, Chinese athletes have played a crucial role in enhancing national pride by showing the world that they are capable of winning at the international level. Of course, this would not have been possible without the wholehearted support of the Chinese administration. Practicing for major events require a lot of money and equipment and most budding sportsperson will not be able to bear those expenses without the support of the government. Hence, it is important for the country to spend money on providing training to their sportspersons.

Sports are much more than competitive events at a tournament. They are a way of life. Sportspersons promote physical fitness and thus become role models for the entire country, especially young people. By promoting sports and athletes, the government can also promote a healthy lifestyle among its people. Of course, every government has other pressing concerns which demand their attention. Nobody is saying that the government should spend all the money on sports. It should earmark only a small portion of its budget for athletes. This allocation will eventually prove beneficial for the entire country when the fitness culture takes root.

In conclusion, spending money for training athletes for international events is beneficial for the entire country as successful athletes not only enhance the reputation of the country but also promote physical fitness among people. Hence, it is imperative that the government spend a small portion of its budget for training sportspersons.

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