Are Famous People Treated Unfairly By The Media?

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According to some people, media treat celebrities unfairly by invading into their private life. Others opine that this privacy invasion is the price these people have to pay for being famous. In my opinion, some media interest in the private life of celebrities is certainly normal; however, too much intrusion should be discouraged.

Celebrities themselves post their private lives on social media. Actually, many of them are desperate to be in the limelight all the time and do not really bother about exposing their private life. In my opinion, such people have no real right to claim privacy. For famous people, being constantly in news is part of their job. If they stop getting media attention, it could even hurt their career prospects. Hence, many of them go out of their way to be in news. For this reason, it is common for them to flaunt new relationships or hairstyles every other week. For many celebrities being constantly in and out of relationships or experimenting with new looks is a great way to gather public attention. Since the general public has too much interest in the personal lives of celebrities, media cater to that need by giving celebrity news and gossip. Hence, the argument that privacy invasion is the price of fame certainly holds some water especially in the case of attention hungry celebrities who just want to see their face plastered all over the visual and print media.

Even so, celebrities are also human beings and they have aspects of life they want to keep private. It is not fair for media to write about things that celebrities themselves want to hide. For example, some of these famous people are into substance abuse and they may not want media to dig into such details. Likewise, some are in relationships they do not want to flaunt. Some may be going through a painful breakup or depression. Media has no right to expose details that celebrities try too hard to hide. Every human being has a right to privacy. Celebrities are no different. While the public interest in their private life is understandable, it does not give media the licence to post unsavoury details of their private lives.

In conclusion, media interest in the private lives of famous people is understandable as celebrity news has a large number of followers. Even so, excessive intrusion is not acceptable as celebrities are also humans and if there are aspects of life they want to keep private, media has an obligation to respect it. Just because someone is famous does not mean that everything about them should be in the public domain.

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