The Growing Number Of Overweight People Is Putting A Strain On Health Care System

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According to some people the rise in the number of obese people is a burden on medical facilities because overweight people are more likely to develop health problems. In their opinion, adding more physical education lessons to the school curriculum is the most effective solution to this problem. While I do admit that adding more physical training sessions will help students burn calories and control their weight, this measure is not a complete solution.

There are mainly two reasons for obesity. One of them is the sedentary lifestyle. The other is the excessive consumption of junk food. Adding more physical education sessions to the school programs will certainly force students to play a sport and burn the excess calories in their body. Children who grow up playing physical sports are more likely to maintain this habit and stay physically active as adults too. Thus, obviously, adding more fitness sessions to the school programs will certainly make students healthier and reduce their chances of gaining weight.

On the other hand, lack of physical activity is not the only cause of obesity. Actually, a bigger cause is the excessive consumption of oily and sugary foods and drinks. Without reducing the intake of junk food, it is not possible to control weight gain in young people. Limiting the intake of calories is always a better solution than burning those excess calories by working out. Hence, in addition to making physical education a mandatory part of the school curriculum, the government should encourage young people to reduce their consumption of fast food. This can be achieved by creating awareness among students. Another solution is to make junk food costlier by increasing tax on it.

In conclusion, adding more sports sessions to school curriculums will certainly reduce weight gain in youngsters and make them healthier. However, it is not a total solution as in order to maintain healthy body weight, people also need to limit their intake of calorie rich junk food. Hence, I do not quite agree with the argument that giving more physical education lessons to students is the best way to prevent obesity.

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