Social media is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups

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These days almost everybody is on a social media platform. People use it to connect with their friends and family and to share their opinion on various topics. There are, nonetheless, some risks associated with sharing sensitive personal information on social media handles. In my opinion, social media offers advantages and disadvantages in equal measure.

On the one hand, social media is advantageous to us in so many ways. It helps us stay connected to our family regardless of our geographical location. There are social media apps that provide free video calling facilities. Many people have found their long lost friends using social media apps. Social media also gives people a common platform to unite for a cause. It has given a voice to even the marginalized sections of the society. If we feel strongly about a cause, it is now possible for us to raise our voice online and get the support of likeminded people.

On the other hand, social media has its fair share of disadvantages too. Any information shared on social media has the potential to spread like wildfire. Even if we delete it, somebody else may have saved it and it is perfectly possible for them to share it again and again. If photos and other personal details get leaked on social media, it is impossible to stop them from reaching the wrong hands. Social media is also the haven of anti social elements. There are millions of fake profiles on apps like Facebook and Instagram. These people have criminal intentions and they often befriend gullible people and children with nefarious intentions. Children are the worst affected by this. Even terrorist organizations use social media to recruit people. It is also the platform where most hate campaigns begin now.

In short, social media is like a double edged sword. Whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous depends on how we use it. If we are careful about what we post and consume on social media, it is largely beneficial for us.

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