School Should Be A Safe Environment For Learning And Developing

School should be a safe environment for learning and developing; however, school violence seems to be increasing. Where does this come from? What should we do to change the situation? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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Cases of violence being reported from schools are on the rise. This happens despite the fact that the school is supposed to be the safest place for children. Lack of emotional support is the main reason that encourages some current and ex-students to perpetrate violence at school. Offering counseling to students who show signs of emotional distress may prevent them from turning violent.

These days we hear about school violence on a regular basis. In countries like the US, for instance, school shootings are now a regular occurrence. School violence is also prevalent in other countries where gun ownership is not rampant. If we examine the history of people who unleash violence in schools we can see that they are all loners. They do not have a supportive family. They were raised in dysfunctional homes and had very unhappy childhood. One day, the frustration that had been building up inside them erupts in the form of violence and they shoot indiscriminately at everyone. Sometimes, school violence assumes the form of bullying. Occasionally bullying becomes so violent that the victims become scared for life. Substance abuse is another factor triggering school violence. Many children have access to drugs and they act violently at school under influence.

Radical reforms are required to prevent school violence. Parents, teachers and society all should come together to fight this menace. Parents need to understand that they have a responsibility to provide a loving environment for their children to grow up. Teachers have an even bigger role to play. As soon they notice change in their students’ behavior they need to discuss the matter with their parents and school management. Some children probably only need counseling. Those who are damaged beyond repair may have to be sent to a foster home or rehabilitation center. The society as a whole also needs to open up and provide support whenever it is necessary. For example, each one of us can strive to build good relations with our neighbours. This will help us find out if they are facing any problems. Most people only need someone to hear them and if we can lend that ear, they may not engage in acts of violence.

To sum up, violence is almost always a demonstration of the emotional turbulence a person experiences. People who commit acts of violence at school are usually loners who have no one to offer them emotional support. If we want to curb school violence this situation has to change. Both parents and teachers have a crucial role to play in this.

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