Salary Is The Most Important Consideration When Choosing A Job | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

It is sometimes argued that salary should be the most important concern when one decides whether a job is worth pursuing. Although I concede that earning a decent salary is important to one’s well-being, there is no evidence to show that it is the most crucial factor.

On the one hand, I admit that people have to take into consideration how much they will be paid when they search for a job. There is indeed a strong correlation between the size of a person’s salary and their level of happiness. Nowadays, with the rising living standards and cost of living, people need to earn a reasonable amount of salary in order to meet their everyday expenses, such as food, transport, rent, clothing and the like. Without a decent income, one would find it hard to survive in the contemporary society. In addition, one’s salary is very often a determinant of one’s social standing. In other words, in the perspective of many people, a person’s success, to a large extent, depends upon the size of their salary.

However, I would argue that there are other factors that are equally essential to people’s sense of well-being, and that the argument that salary is the most important consideration when choosing a job is logically flawed, because such a claim cannot be backed up by evidence. For one thing, one’s working environment matters a lot to one’s psychological and physical wellbeing. Given the fact that most people work 9-to-5 jobs which require them to spend at least one-third of their day at their workplaces, it is crucial for them to have friendly and understanding co-workers and superiors. And for another, other factors such as the skills, knowledge and experience one acquires from the job may also play an important role in one’s overall sense of achievement, which is another form of happiness. This sense of achievement is often associated with optimism which is an enduring perception of well-being, compared with the temporary and brief satisfaction brought about by a sizable salary and the materialistic things that one can afford to buy with that salary.

In conclusion, while money matters a lot, there are other considerations that prove to be equally important. And so far there is no research which shows that a fat salary trumps all other factors in terms of the role they play in making one happy.

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18 Responses

  1. seema says:

    It is a fact that salary plays an imperative role when choosing a job, however, I partially agree with this notion because apart from earning money there are several other factors also which people consider during selecting a job, which I am going to discuss further in this essay.
    On one hand, it is undeniable that wages have a crucial role in employees when applying for a job. The main reason for this is the rising standard life, the exorbitant price on daily need items, and to live a decent life in the society. Moreover, getting highly lucrative pay is a symbol of appreciation as well as dignity. For example, when a person got a job, the first question most of the people used to ask was about the salary.
    On the other hand, although people consider the wages, there are some other factors also which people keep in their mind such as the timing for the job so that they can spend a couple of time with the family and friends. This will help the individual to relax and ooze out their worries and tension. Secondly, the atmosphere of the working place, as well as most of them are inquisitive about further learning the advanced technology and tips which can widen their horizon. For example, a survey conducted by the Bangalore University found out that people are often changing their jobs to widen their horizon through experience to reach in a higher position.
    To sum up, even though the salary is a factor for choosing the job but there are several other factors like duty timing, work ambiance and a place to improve their skills.

  2. Pardeep Kaur says:

    In this contemporary era , in order to survive and have a respectful status in society, everybody needs to have a good job. it has always been argued in people whether salary plays a most important role when you look for a job or not . This essay will discuss both the views and I will take my side by elaborating further.

    To begin with, the primary reason for people to believe that salary is most important because not only we can fulfill our all materialistic needs but also can kind of secure our future with chock-full savings. In addition to this, people have mentality that to be a part of higher class society, one needs to have a reputed job with wonderful earnings thus many think it is vital to have a good money making job.

    No doubt a good salary does make a sense but there are plenty of other factors that must be considered before having a job. Firstly, a pleasant decorum of any workplace is very crucial where you spend most of your time while working . Furthermore, job schedule should be flexible according to your comfortableness since you have other workers than professional life. last but not least interest is very important for doing any work here I would like to mention my college teacher who used to say that if person is not interested or keen to do any thing, even a professional motivator can not boost that person up for doing something. To enjoy any work , real passion must be there for it.

    To conclude, it is certainly true that salary matters a lot for any job but we can not avoid some other factors which look more crucial as well such as interest, flexibility, and environment.

  3. Daniel says:

    It is true that people choose their work according to their different needs. Some people argue that the rate of salary should be prioritised while looking for a job. However, I strongly believe that people should take their workplace environment into the first consideration in order to maintain mentally healthy and productive.

    My strongly held belief is that the working environment plays a significant role in employees’ lives. It is evident that a workplace can positively influence workers’ mental health, which could impact their work ability. For instance, when employees work in a supportive workplace where they are treated with respect, they may increase their happiness, increasing their productivity. In contrast, Provided that an employee feels isolated from his or her colleagues at work, he or she may be likely to feel demotivated to work or less engaged in the workplace. This can result in self-low esteem or negative emotions such as depression.

    Admittedly, a commonly held opinion is that people should emphasise their remuneration while seeking a job. This is because people need to meet the basic needs by earning an adequate income. For example, when people can not earn a reasonable amount of money, they are not be able to pay everyday expenses such as transport, rent or food, which could both impinge on their living standards and increase their poverty. However, if people work in an unpleasant workplace, they will be not only under a stressful atmosphere but also lose their sense of achievement, leading to give up their jobs.

    Although payment could be people’s first concern due to their basic needs, my belief is that a positive workplace can significantly impact people and it should be the primary target for job seekers.

  4. soly says:

    Choosing a job is a big step in anyone’s life. A significant fraction of people choose their jobs based on their salary. But I believe beside income, there are other important factors one should consider.
    There is no doubt that a high salary can lead to better living standards and happier life. Living in modern society, one should be able to provide his or her basic needs and expenses including food, clothing, renting and etc through his or her salary.
    However I would argue there are other factors necessary for a job to be considered good and worthy. For instance, working hours are absolutely important. If you had to work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, you would be so exhausted by the end of the day and you couldn’t enjoy rest of your time. Additionally, Number of holidays you receive per year is also important. Spending holidays with your friends and family can bring satisfaction of your job and raise your level of happiness.
    Furthermore, working atmosphere should be considered, too. People usually spend one-third of a day in their workplaces. Therefore, it’s completely essential to be in a friendly, calm and unstressed environment. In this case, friendly colleagues and supreiors will make you happier at work and your efficiency will be increased.
    In conclusion, beside money your are paid, there are numerous factors which make a job desirable for a person. Friendly colleagues and calm atmosphere are some of them. They should definitely taken into account when choosing your job.And I personally don’t believe high salary can take place of these factors.Not in the slightest!

  5. Vishakha Sharma says:

    For most people, Money is the motive behind doing a job. They want to earn sufficient income, that can satisfy their every need and desire, as well as provide financial support for their family. In my opinion, while money is one of the important factors why people choose to work, there can be other reasons, for instance, interest in a particular field, independence and a sense of achievement.
    To begin with, when people start their career, their first intention is to learn the different procedures, policies and over a period of time, become successful and get promoted. Individuals derive a sense of satisfaction and achievement from the work they do and money comes secondary to them. Moreover, we have seen artists from different fields, that choose their profession because of their interests and passion towards that art. They may not earn a handsome amount of money, but still are happy to follow what they love. Which proves that gathering wealth is not a source of happiness, for most people, as they enjoy the opportunity to show their creativity in the field they have selected. Another reason, is that individuals crave for independence and once they start working, as adults they can take their decisions independently. Thus, taking up a job is the first step for them, to get their freedom. Such people, do not mind a lower pay scale.

    Nevertheless, there are certain people who are simply motivated by money. As they feel that being well-off, proves their stature in the society. People who earn a huge salary are considered to be important and their opinions are well regarded. Apart from this, another reason is, that as living standards are improving for our generation, the expenses are also inflating. To be able to cope up with the rising costs of living, individuals feel the need for large remuneration and they prefer to work in the occupation that can provide them the necessary means.

    As a conclusion, even though money is one of the reasons that motivates people to work, job satisfaction, sense of freedom and an opportuingty to show creativity, are some of the other important considerations for people while choosing a profession.

    • ielts practice says:

      Your grammar seemed satisfactory to me but I am not sure if you understood the topic correctly. Is salary the first thing to consider when you choose a job? That is the question. That means a job could be horrible but if the salary is good, will you accept it? You should have written this essay from that perspective.

      This seems band 6.5 to me.

  6. abdulla says:

    Although there is some people believe that the monthly payment is the most important criteria to choose a job. In my opinion, I totally disagree that our work ought to be taken according into salaries.
    A good reason not to consider the amount of money you get paid the most crucial thing is that people have to choose the kind of work they like to do, in spite of the amount of means they will get from it. In other words doing the job that you want or the thing that you admire will open the doors for creativity, professionality and finding new challenges to achieve.
    Another point supporting not to decide your work career because of the salary is that some companies may offer a high salary for the new employees in the beginning, however in the long term they do not provide any increasing in the salary and the employee keep taking the same payroll for many years without any improvements, for example, in the construction industries a skilled workers got paid higher salaries than the fresh graduated Engineers , but just in few years later the Engineer will get a salary increasing more than the skilled workers.
    Finally, choosing the salary instead the work experience and many other things will affect the employee and the job or the company progress from many sides, to explain more, the first interest of the employee will be always the money, so once another opportunity is available with higher monthly payment he will leave his job and resign from his current job to get the higher salary without considering the job experience or work conditions.
    In conclusion, choosing the higher salary jobs over the work experience and what the person kike will not bring life joyful or happiness in the long term.

  7. abdulla says:

    thank you for these great efforts you made in this website

  8. Akanksha says:

    When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    It is often argued that while deciding on a job, remuneration is the most principal factor to be considered. In my opinion, although I believe that salary plays a pivotal role while choosing a job, however, many other aspects such as working environment and staff benefits also plays an important role in decision making.

    On the one hand, in modern world with high inflation and increased cost of living, undoubtedly money is the prime drive towards deciding a particular job. Every employee thinks of economic stability which is achieved by a higher remuneration and which also enables them to meet their day to day cost of living such as food, house, rent etc. Further, all of us envisage a life full of amenities that we require for having a fair standard of living. Thereby, making remuneration a substantial aspect while choosing a job.

    On the other hand, a higher remuneration alone is not the only factor for an employee which is responsible for him going for a certain organisation. Nowadays, most of the people are into 9 to 5 jobs, which means they spend at least one third of their time at workplace, thus, having a favourable environment at workplace is also crucial. Further, the employee benefit schemes of the organisation also plays a pivotal role. For me, personally, I would choose a company with better working environment and staff benefits over the one paying a slightly higher remuneration, but I will not go for vice versa which means a company only offering benefits and working conditions with meagre salary.

    In conclusion, although other factors such as medical benefits, job satisfaction etc. are also indispensable while choosing a job or continuing in an existing job, salary is no doubt the most pivotal criteria to be considered for deciding on a job.

  9. Anirudh says:

    In this computer world, most people believe that earning more money is very crucial than any other requirement while selecting a job role. Of course, I agree with the above statement partially. However, when choosing a job, salary should be one of the criteria along with other considerations.
    Firstly, people are addicted to expensive lifestyle in today’s world. Earning decent salary is very important to meet day to day requirements. People can live lavish life by spending on whatever they want, if they have good amount of money. Moreover, it is a known fact that, people who tend to earn more money can give better lives to their family in terms of education, assets and other utilities. For Instance, a son of a rich father can afford to pay the fees for one of the best and expensive universities around the world but, a car driver’s son of same rich father cannot.
    However, while choosing a job it is very important to consider some other factors as well. Like, job satisfaction, work location and work load. It is proved that people cannot do the productive work if they are not satisfied with the job they do. In addition, working uninterested jobs may kill the mental health and family relation due to stress.
    To put everything in a nut shell, salary should be considered as one of the important factors but, not the only one. I personally feel, when signing up for a job it’s OK to earn little less salary with higher job satisfaction and comfort levels.

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