Professional Workers Like Doctors, Nurses And Teachers Make A Greater Contribution To Society

Here the essay prompt asks to what extent do you agree or disagree with the given argument.

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According to some people, professionals like teachers and doctors contribute more than athletes or artists and hence they should receive a higher remuneration. I do not quite agree with this view. While I do admit that these professionals are more valuable than entertainers, they cannot be paid more than sportspersons or actors for the simple reason that they do not generate much profit.

The earnings of a person should be directly proportional to the amount of wealth they generate. Major sporting events like World Cup or Olympics generate billions of dollars in revenue. The success of these events depends entirely on the performance of the players. So, obviously, they have a legitimate right to a certain percentage of the profit. Likewise, successful movies or music albums generate a lot of wealth. Since actors or singers play a crucial role in the success of these films or songs, they too deserve to be paid attractive salaries.

On the other hand, although doctors, nurses and teachers are indispensable for a society, they do not really help to grow wealth. For example, doctors save lives and thus play a crucial role in the well-being of a society. Teachers are equally important too. However, if these professionals are to be paid more than sportspersons or actors, education and healthcare will have to be converted into business. In this scenario, only the superrich will be able to receive education or medical treatment. Needless to say, it is detrimental for the functioning of the society. Of course, they should be paid attractive salaries to compensate for their sacrifices and to attract more talented people to these professions.

In conclusion, salary should be proportionate to the amount of wealth generated by each person. Since sportspersons or actors or singers generate more profits than doctors or nurses, they certainly deserve to be paid more. If teachers or doctors have to be paid similar or higher remuneration, education and healthcare will be unaffordable to the masses.

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